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Call for Membership

Join IEEE Signal Processing Society Chapter, Algeria Subsection

The formation of this Chapter aims to enhance the Algerian Signal Processing community. It is enough to be a member of the IEEE Signal Processing Society to be added automatically in our chapter.

Field of Interest

Signal processing is the enabling technology for the generation, transformation, extraction, and interpretation of information. It comprises the theory, algorithms with associated architectures and implementations, and applications related to processing information contained in many different formats broadly designated as signals. Signal Processing uses mathematical, statistical, computational, heuristic, and/or linguistic representations, formalisms, modeling techniques and algorithms for generating, transforming, transmitting, and learning from signals.

(Signal Processing Society Constitution, Article II)

Transactions and Magazines

More you can see about this society: http://www.signalprocessingsociety.org

About the SPS membership

About the SPS membership benefits: http://www.signalprocessingsociety.org/membership/membership-benefits

About the IEEE membership: http://www.ieee.org/membership_services/membership/join/index.html

While waiting for your reactivity to join us!

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