Request for Technical Co-Sponsorship

The conference organizers can request the Technical co-Sponsorship (TCS) of the IEEE Algeria section following the required modalities found below. Based on the approval of the request by the section, the organizers can start submitting their application to IEEE MCE in order to get approval for the conference proceeding to be included for publication at IEEE Xplore. The TCS of the IEEE Algeria section indicates the direct and substantial involvement of the IEEE Algeria Section in the technical program of the conference and the quality of accepted papers.

The benefit of  IEEE sponsoring:

The conference can take advantage of the IEEE brand to increase its visibility, importance, and impact on the research community.

IEEE technically sponsored conferences have the possibility of indexing accepted papers in the IEEExplore database, and authors benefit from its reputation.

IEEE Algeria Section technical sponsoring requirements:

  • To be eligible for the technical sponsorship of the IEEE Algeria Section, several conditions should be fulfilled:
  • The conference deadline should be far enough in advance of the application deadline (IEEE policy states that all approvals and endorsements should be obtained at least a year in advance of the proposed conference. The purpose of this policy is to allow enough time for the legal, compliance, and operational tasks required in the sponsorship process).
  • The website of the conference should be in English.
  • The conference topics should be related to the main IEEE domains.
  • The conference chair should make an official request to the chair of the IEEE Algeria Section, which can be sent to the email of the IEEE conference coordinator of the IEEE Algeria Section (
  • The conference should provide a registration discount to IEEE members and IEEE student members.
  • The conference organizers should agree to host one IEEE Algeria Section delegate and two IEEE student members for the promotion of the IEEE Algeria Section Activities.
  • The conference scientific committee should comprise at least 10 active members from the IEEE Algeria Section.
  • The IEEE Algeria Section conference coordinator, after getting confirmation from the Section chair, will inform the conference chair about the response.
  • if the Algeria Section agrees to provide technical support for the conference. The conference chair should apply online via:

  • It should be stressed that you can only apply via the link above after getting official approval from the IEEE Algeria Section. Otherwise, the IEEE Algeria Section would not endorse your application, and it would be automatically declined.
  • The IEEE Algeria Section logo can only be used after receiving an acceptance letter from the IEEE Algeria Section.
  • The logo of IEEE can be used only after being approved by IEEE.
  • After being sponsored by IEEE, if the conference chair decides to postpone the conference, he should address a request to the IEEE Algeria Section conference coordinator and the section chair.